Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vue project 1008

Another pretty nice publicity shot. I decided to put it on pure white (of course) play with the shadow a little bit. The original cover has the right idea, but I don't think the design gets there.

An additional element in the mix with the "Pedway Dungeon Crawl" highlighted. The way it's treated on the original covert really fights with the dancer image. I separated them a little more both in space and by color treatment -- hopefully keeping the emphasis on the main image.

Both I and the original cover designer reworked the actual Pedway sign. We both interpreted "Dungeon." The designer of the original cover added Converse Hi Tops and monster feet. I made the Pedway logo's pants a little more ragged.

Logo using another of my favorite fonts, Dom.

What the actual Ped Way street sign looks like:

Update: I've put a more realistic newsprint background on my design.

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